A local firm often coined “hardscapes architects”.

From the second you share your vision with us, until the last brick is laid down, we’re there for you. Since the late 90’s we’ve been paving the way, the right way, in South Florida. We’ve made it almost 30 years, because of our attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and decades of experience. It’s a simple “why us” really.


An award-winning hardscape creator, KVC is known for planning and residential design. We breath life into outdoor living spaces through beautiful brick and pavers.


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


Every detail needs to be accounted for when we’re creating your masterpiece. Beyond color, type and style, we often look at water flow, ground level, and even how you want the bricks laid down.

Installation of paving slabs with a hammer


KVC only works with experts. It’s simple. Our team has been with us for years and understands our work ethic, professionalism and will deliver the best work you’ve ever had done on your home.


After every completion, our CEO checks off an intricate checklist. Analyzing, reviewing, tweaking and getting your project to perfection.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Josenei Lopes

Founder & CEO

Born and Raised in Brazil, came to United States in the the late 90`s. After spending years learning the ins and outs of the business he started KVC. A company born on phenomial work ethics, a unique vision, Josenei set out to delight customers in his own way. He resides in Pompany with His wife and two daughters. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, wathching soccer and spending time with his family.

Kyara Lopes

Associate Manager

Kyara is a proud UCF graduate. She wears multiple hats throughout the business, as any associate manager of a small business would, of course. She has an elagant taste when it comes to advising clients on the materials, layouts and overall design. She thrives in providing quality service, try her out. She resides in Pompano Beach, and enjoys running and going to the beach in her free time.

Will Gutnik

Information and Technology Guru

Will is a known traveler, speaker, writer and well, we’re still trying to figure something he isn’t good at. A true technology guru, he keeps KVC up to par with industry standards as an innovative company. He resides in Lighthouse Point and enjoys spending his time volunteering at his local church and his his beautiful family.